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About Nature-Pics

Nature-Pics is the outlet for nature photographs taken primarily by Royce Shofner, an avid outdoor enthusiast and shutterbug for over 50 years. Many of the photos were taken while hiking, camping, canoeing, caving, etc for personal pleasure. More recent photos however, have been taken explicitly for publication on this web site. If we don't have the image you want, let us know, and perhaps we can get it for you.

The Nature-Pics web site is currently under construction, but please feel free to browse the images Slides on our web site as they are posted. We are busy creating the thumbnails and slide shows for currently available digital images, and converting older 35mm slides into additional digital images. We also are continuing to add new images to the collection. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait.

Nature-Pics shares facilities with an affiliated company, Digital Control Systems (who will soon be publishing screen savers using Nature-Pics images), so don't be suprised if the telephone is answered "Digital Control Systems (or DCS Enterprises), may I help you?".

Nature-Pics image use policy

The copyrighted images posted on this web site are typically 640x480 moderately compressed JPEG images. You are free to use them for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any commercial or organizational use of these images including but not limited to posting to a web site, distributing or publishing in a cdrom, dvd, magazine, newsletter, newspaper, or any other electronic or physical media, is prohibited without a licensing agreement and/or prior approval from Nature-Pics.

Higher resolution (1600x1200 or higher), better quality versions (also without the visible copyright labels) of the images posted on this web site (as well as many other images not yet posted) are available for commercial or organizational use for a reasonable license fee. Once this web site is fully operational, licensing information as well as a secure order form will be available on-line.
For now, please contactContact us for additional information.


None of the information you supply to Nature-Pics is ever sold or otherwise supplied to any other organization.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  1. We must supply certain information to our bank in order to process credit card purchases.
  2. We of course must comply with any valid subpoena issued by a local, state or federal court.


All information collected from our secure order pages is SSL encrypted during every stage of order entry and processing. In addition, as soon as your order is processed, this information is deleted from the web server for additional security.

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Nature-Pics is a subsidiary of DCS Enterprises